Mike Boy’s Name Meaning and Origin

The name Mike is a long established name that has been prevalent in Britain for centuries and is normally consider to be the pet form of the name Michael. The meaning of Mike is derived from Hebrew, and it means “Who is like God?”. In Hebrew the name is questioning, and is meant to show the humility of a person who is named Mike. Despite this, the name is also heavily associated with the archangel Michael who is considered to be a very powerful and revered Angel.


The popularity of Mike is not very high on its own. The Mike name is not in the top hundred most popular English boys’ names (in 2013), but the longer version of the name Michael is much more popular. The name Michael has long be ranked in the top hundred boy names is Britain, and the name has been in the top five most popular American names for the entirety of the twentieth century.

Famous People Called Mike

The Mike name has been held by a number of famous and well-respected individuals. Mike Oldfield is an English musician who has been performing since the 1970’s. Mike Jackson was a high ranked British intelligence general during World War Two, and served long enough to see service in the Balkans. Mike Myers is an actor who starred in such films as Shrek, Wayne’s World, and the Austin Powers series.

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