Meaning and Origin of the Name Milo

The name Milo is a form of the name Miles. Milo is typically used as a male name.

Milo has been a very recommended author favourite. This name is often heard in Ireland. The meaning of Milo is merciful or soldier. Other origins for this name include Latin America and Old German.

Famous People with the First Name Milo

Milo Ventimiglia the American Actor
Milo Ventimiglia the American Actor

Some history about the name Milo is that the first person who ever translated the Bible into the English version was named Miles Coverdale. He was one of the Pilgrim fathers. It may have been spelled Myles. The name has been used in Mark Twain’s work. Also it was used in the movie Murphy Brown, Avatar and 24. Many celebrities have this name.

In popular culture Milo Ventimiglia was the actor who played the son of Rocky Balboa.

Popularity of the Name

Popularity of Milo has varied over many years. 1891 was when the name was the least popular. From then in 1908-1915, 1986-1990, and 1996-2014 was when the name Milo was at its most popular. In 2015, Milo was ranked 288th Most Popular Boys Name. It is currently in the top 500 for most popular names.

It has been on the rise as people are using it as a variant of Miles, and you can find it in TV shows like Murphy Brown where it has been used prominently.


Milo is a name for Germanic origin, and it could mean peaceful or calm. It has turned out to mean merciful in the modern day, and that is why you will want to use it because it can be the name of a boy who has a tender and gentle spirit.

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