Meaning and Popularity of the Name Montgomery

The name Montgomery is not one of the most popular names in England, and it didn’t make it to the list of the 100 most used baby names there in 2015. But it is a boy’s name that is easily recognisable and that has a nice, strong sound to it. The meaning of Montgomery is simple, as it means “of the mountain”.

Origin of the Name

The name originates from Normandy in the North of France. One theory of its origin is a of the place “Gomer’s Hill” or more like it’s Latin name ‘Mons Gomeris’.

Famous People or Places Called Montgomery

Field Marshal Montgomery. The Famous British Military Figure.
Field Marshal Montgomery. The Famous British Military Figure.

The name has been used for many notable purposes, and one of those purposes is the city in Alabama, United States named Montgomery, a town in Wales and also some very notable people:

  • Montgomery is the surname of Bernard, a famous British officer, better know as Field Marshal Montgomery (or Monty for short) who is one of the most famous English military leaders and fought against the Germans in both World Wars
  • Roger de Montgomerie was an earl of Shrewsbury
  • and Colin Montgomerie is a Scottish golfer.

So, although the name hasn’t been one of the most popular boy names recently, it is still one that people will recognise because of all of the ways it has been used through the years. It has been around for centuries, and with its simple meaning and the strong sound that it has to it, the popularity of Montgomery does not matter.

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