Origin of the Name Morris

Morris can be a surname and a given name. Morris was always used more as a surname than a first name, although some used the name as a given name. Morris was first introduced in Great Britain during the Norman Conquest in 1066 but was not recorded until 1176.

Meaning of Morris

Morris is an Anglican version of the French version of Maurice. It means son of More. The meaning of Morris also means dark skinned or moorish.

Popularity of Morris

Ever since the 1880s, Morris has fluctuated in and out of popularity until the middle 1990s when it hit the 1000s and did not recover.

Morris in England

There are many people and things named Morris. In England, there is a folk dance called a Morris Dance. Morris Beckman, writer, was born in 1921 in Hackney, London, England. Although he had written articles in five publications, he only wrote one novel, “Ocean Skies and Lost Cargos,” in 1944. Morris Harvey was a film actor who lived from 1877 to 1944. He has made 34 films in a span of 13 years, ending with “Old Mother Riley Overseas” in 1943.

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