Names D-E

Here the list of English boys names letters D to F, including names like Dalton, Danny and Eric, please enjoy.

Name Description Popularity
Dale Someone who lived in a valley *
Daley This name means gathering (from the Gaelic word dalaigh) *
Dalton A person from a valley town **
Damian From the Greek name Damianos **
Damon Means to tame *
Dane Means Dean originated South East England *
Daniel Means God is my Judge in Hebrew ****
Danny A pet form of Daniel **
Darcy From the surname d’Arcy **
Darell From the surname d’Airelle ***
Darren Origin unknown **
Davy Pet form of David **
Dean Someone who lived in a valley ***
Del Pet form of Derek **

Den An English name short for Dennis **
Dennis From Greek name Dionysios **
Dene An alternative spelling for Dean *
Denton Meaning valley settlement *
Denzil After the place Denzell in Cornwall **
Derek Related to the German name Theodoric ***
Derick Another spelling of the name Derek **
Des Short for Desmond **
Desmond A local name from someone from Munster *
Dexter From the occupation dyer ****
Digby Name originating from Lincolnshire meaning ditch settlement *
Dominic From the Latain name that means Lord **
Don Pet form of Dominic *
Donald From Galic name Domhnall **
Doran Meaning excile wanderer *
Dorian Created by Oscar Wild *
Doug English name short for Dougless **
Douglas Meaning black river ***
Doyle English varient of Dougal *
Drogo Possibly means ghostly/phantom *
Drake Old English name that means Dragon *
Dudley From the place name in Birmingham *
Duncan From the Gaelic name Donnchadh *
Dunstan Old English name meaning dark stone *
Dustin Origin unknown **
Duggie English name short for Dougless *
Dwayne Originates from the name Duane **
Dwight Comes from the name Diot and related to Dennis *
Earl From a Nobleman *
Ebenezer Means rock or stone of help *
Ed Pet form of Edward ***
Eddie Pet form of Edward **
Eden From the name Edun *
Edgar Names composed of the words that mean fortunate/rich and spear *
Edric The name means rich and powerful **
Edmond Old English name meaning prosperous protector **
Edwin Mean prosperus friend *
Egbert Means bright of edge of a sword *
Elbert English name a varient of the name Albert meaning nobly and bright *
Eldon After the place name in Durham *
Ellis From the name Elias **
Elmer Old English name meaning Old and Noble *
Eliot (see Elliot) Version of Elias **
Elliot Version of Elias ****
Elton Local name from places in England *
Ellery Old English name meaning alder tree *
Elmer Means noble and famous *
Elton Local name from places in England *
Elvis Made famous by Elvis Presley *
Emerson Old English boy’s name that means the son of Emery *
Emmett From the female name Emmet *
Erasmus Means to love *
Eric Means always a ruler **
Ernest From eorost (battle to death) *
Errol From a placename *
Esmond From the words protective and grace *
Eugene From Eugenios *
Everett Variant of the name Everard *

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