Names F-H

Here the list of English boys names letters F to H, names like Freddie, Greg and Henry please enjoy.

Name Description Popularity
Fabian English name from the Latin name Fabricius *
Fenton Is a place name in the North of England and it means marsh lands *
Ferdinand From the name Ferdinando *
Ferris Name of a person with a job as an iron worker *
Fletcher Orginates from the maker of arrows *
Floyd A variant from the name Lloyd **
Ford A person who lived by a river **
Forrest A person who lived by a forrest *
Francis English name for Francesco *
Franklin Means freeman- not of noble birth *
Fred Pet form of Frederick or Alfred **
Freddie Pet name for Fred *****
Frank Short form of Francis **
Frederick Name mean peaceful powerful ruler *
Freeman A Freeman *
Garfield Means triangular field *
Garrison From the place in Yorkshire *

Gary From Gar meaning spear **
Gardner This name comes from someone who works in a garden *
Garret Originate from the ane Gerard *
Garrick Means spear king or to govern with a spear *
Garth From the name Gareth *
Gavin Origins unknown **
Gaylord From the name Gaillard *
Gene Pet form of Eugene *
George From the Latin name Georgius *****
Ged Pet form of Gerard *
Geoffrey A name of Germanic origin *
Gerard Mean brave strong spear **
Gerald Means spear ruler *
Georgie Pet form of George **
Gerry Pet form of Jerry **
Gilbert From the words pledge famous and bright **
Giles From the name Aegidium **
Ginger Someone with red hair *
Glen Means a valley, Gaelic origin **
Goddard From old English name Godeheard *
Godfrey Means god’s peace *
Godwin From the names god and friends *
Goodwin Means good friend *
Graham From the place Lincolnshire **
Grant Means large **
Granville From places in Normandy *
Greg Short form of Gregory **
Grayson Son of a man with grey hair *
Gregory Means watchful ***
Greville From the Norman surname Greville *
Gresham Means a village with grazing land *
Grover Dweller in the grove of trees *
Gyles Varient of Giles *
Guy Norman origin *
Hadden English boys name meaning a hill with heather **
Hadley Old English origin meaning heath moorland *
Hadwin English origin, meaning friend in war *
Halbert English boy’s name meaning bright stone *
Hale Hale is a place name than means a ‘hero for a hall’ *
Halsey Place name, island of Hal **
Hannibal Hannibal form of the name Annible *
Hanley Place name meaning a person from the high meadow *
Happy This name means happy and merry *
Harding Means strong, brave from the name Hearding. *
Harlan A place name in England. That means ‘land of the hares’ *
Harley Army Meadow ****
Harry English pet for of Hendry *****
Harper Someone who played a harp *
Harold From the names army and ruler **
Harrison Son of Harry ****
Hartley Place names in England *
Harvey English name of Breton origin meaning battle worthy ****
Heath From Heath or Moorland *
Hector From the Greek name ekhein means to restrain. **
Hedley From places in Durham. Means wood clearing *
Henry English boy’s name meaning home ruler. *****
Herb Short for Herbert. **
Herbert Means famous army. **
Herman Herman is derived from the name Hermann. *
Hilary From the word hilarious. **
Homer From the Greek name Homeros. *
Hopkin Hopkin from the name Robert. *
Horace From the name Horatio. *
Horati A variant of Horace. *
Howard Used as a surname as well first name. **
Howell Howell from Welsh name Hywel. ***
Hubert Means famous heart or spirit. *
Hugh From hug meaning heart or spirit. **
Hughie Hughie familiar form of Hugh. *
Humbert This name means famous warrior. *
Humphrey Means peaceful warrior. **
Hunter Someone who hunts *

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