Names I to L

See out the list of English boys names letters I to L including names such as Jack, Joe and Leo:

Name Description Popularity
Ike A form of Isaac. *
Ingram Ingram from medieval name Engelram. *
Irving Local place name in near Dumfries. *
Isaiah Biblical name meaning god is salvation. *
Ivor This male name means bowed warrior. *
Jack The English name is a pet form of John. *****
Jackie Pet form of Jack. **
Jackson Jackson means the son of Jack. ***
Jacob Biblical name from the Hebrew name Yaakov. *****
Jake English name derived from Jack. *****
Jamie A pet name for James *****
James Biblical name from the Latin name Iacomus. *****
Jarvis English name from the Norman name Gervaise. **
Jason From Greek mythology Iason. ***
Jasper A bearer of treasure (as in the 3 wise men) **
Jed Short for Jedidiah. *
Jeff Pet form of Jeffrey. **
Jeffrey English name from Geoffrey ***
Jefferson Son of Jeffrey. *
Jenson Means son of Jens. ****
Jeremy English version of Jeremiah. ***

Jermaine Male name from Germaine. **
Jerome means holy name. **
Jerrard Jerrard from the name Gerard. **
Jerrold Jerrold from Gerald. *
Jerry Pet form of Jeremy. **
Jesse Meaning gift. *
Jethro Derived from Hebrew name Ithra. *
Jim Pet form of the English boy’s name James. ***
Jimmy Jimmy from Jim. **
Joe Short for Joseph. ****
Jody Jody can be a male name but it’s more commonly female name. *
Joey Pet form of Joe. ****
John Anglicised version of Ioannes. *****
Johnathan Variant of Jonathan. *
Johnny Pet form of John. ***
Jordan Jordan from the river Jordan. ***
Joseph From Yosef meaning God will make you fertile. ****
Josh Pet form of Joshua. ****
Judd Judd pet form of Jordan. *
Jude Jude from the name Judas. ****
Julian English version of yhe name Julius. ***
Justin English version of the name Justus. ***
Keith English name from the place in East Lothian. ***
Kelly Kelly is  an English boy’s name for Ceallagh. **
Kelsey Means ship’ s victory. *
Kelvin From the river that branches into the Clyde. **
Kemp Means athlete or wrestler. *
Ken Pet form of Kenneth. ***
Kendrick Origin unknown. **
Kenelm Means bold helmet protector. **
Kennard Kennard from the middle ages- could mean royal guard. **
Kenneth From the Gaelic names Cinaed and Cainnech. **
Kent Someone from Kent in England. **
Kenton Kenton local places in England. *
Kermit Means son of Dermot. *
Kerr Someone who dwells by brushwood *
Kerry From the Irish county of Kerry. ***
Kevin From Gaelic name Caimhin. ***
King From the name of the monarch. *
Kingsley From places in Hampshire and Staffordshire.  Means old wood. *
Kit Pet name of Christopher. **
Kyran English spelling of Kieran. *
Lacey People from Lassy in France. **
Lambert Lambert means famous land. **
Lance Lance from the weapon a lance. ***
Lancelot Celtic origin. **
Larry Pet form of Lawrence. ***
Laurel Meaning a tree. **
Laurence A person from Laurentius. **
Lawrence Anglicised form of Laurance. **
Lee Means wood or clearing. ***
Leighton Means leek settlement. **
Leland Someone from  a fallow land. *
Len Len is short for Leonard. ***
Lennard English spelling of Leonard. **
Lenny Variation of Leonard. **
Leo Leo means a lion. *****
Leon A form of Leo. ****
Leonard Meaning lion. **
Leopold Meaning brave people. **
Leroy Means the king. **
Les Short for Lesley **
Lesley Lesley name variant of Leslie **
Lester name is from the English city Leicester. *
Lewie name is from the English city Leicester. *
Lex Pet name for Alex. **
Lincoln From the English city Lincoln. *
Linden Means thr lime tree. *
Lindon Variation of Lindon. **
Linsay Linsay wetlands belonging to Lincon. *
Linford A mix of the words lime tree and ford. *
Linton Place names in England. *
Lionel From the name Leon. **
Lonnie Origin unknown. ***
Lorne Origin unknown. *
Louie A variant of Louis. ****
Lovell Means club wolf. **
Lucas A form of Luke. *****
Ludo Pet form of Ludovic. **
Luke Luke from name Loukas. *****
Luther Means people army. *
Lyndon A place in Leicestershire. **
Lyle Someone who live on an island. **Names: A-CD-EF-HM-QR-Z