Names M to Q

Here is the list of English boy’s names with the letters M to Q, names like Mark, Mason and Oliver. Please enjoy.

Name Description Popularity
Magnus Mean’s great *
Malcolm Means ‘dovotee of St Columba’ ***
Mallory Means unhappy or unlucky *
Manfred Means peace man *
Manley Places in England (Devon and Cheshire) *
Marc From the name Marcus (see Mark) *
Marian From the name Marion *
Mark From the name Marcus ***
Marlon Made famous by Marlon Brando **
Marmaduke Origin unknown. *
Marsh Someone who lives by a march *
Marshall Means horse worker *
Martin From the Roman god of War ***
Marty Pet form of Martin *
Marvin From Mervyn **
Mason Someone who works with stone *****
Matt Pet from of Matthew ***
Matthew Biblical name meaning ‘gift of god’ *****
Maurice English boys name from the Latin name Mauricius *
Max Short form the name Maxwell *****

Maxwell After the place name on the river Tweed **
Maynard Means strong and brave *
Mel Short for Melvin **
Melville Means bad settlement **
Melvin A lake in Ireland *
Melvin Origin unknown. **
Merlin From the Welsh name Myrddin **
Michael Biblical name that means like God ****
Mick Pet name for Michael **
Mike Pet name for Michael ***
Milburn A place name **
Miles Origin unknown. **
Milo Form of Miles *
Milton Settlement with a miill **
Monroe Anglisised version of Munro *
Montague Placename Name *
Montgomery Places names in Calvdos **
Monty Pet for of Montgomery **
Morris From Maurice **
Mortimer Means dead sea *
Morton Place by the the moor *
Nathaniel Means the gift of God *
Neal Form of Neil *
Ned Pet form of Edward **
Neil From Gaelic name Niall ***
Nelson Derived from Neil or Nell *
Neville New settlement **
Nicholas Means peoples’ victory ***
Nigel Means black **
Noah Biblical name possibly means ‘rest’ *****
Norman Means a man from the North **
Norris Means a man from the North **
Obadiah Servant of God *
Oliver English male name derived from the olive tree *****
Ollie Pet name for Oliver ****
Omar Biblical name *
Orson Means like the Bear cub *
Orville Created by Fanny Burney *
Osbert Famous/Bright God *
Oscar Means deers’ friend ****
Osmond Means God’s protector **
Oswald God’s rule **
Otis Son of Ote *
Paddy Pet name for Patrick **
Pancras From Greek name Pankratios *
Pat Pet name for Patrick **
Patrick Patron St. Of Ireland ***
Paul From Paulus meaning Small ***
Pearce A form of Pierce **
Perce Pet form of Percy *
Percival From the French name Perceval *
Percy Pet form of Percival ***
Perry Someone who lived by a pear tree ***
Peter Popular biblical name from the name Petros ****
Phil Short form of Philip ***
Philbert Means most bright *
Philip From a person who loves horses ***
Philo From the name Philon *
Pierce From the name Piers **
Piers Middle English male name derived from of Peter *
Quentin From the Latin name Quintinus *
Quincy Made famous by John Quincy Adams (2nd USA president) *
Quinn Meaning the wise man **
Quintus Meaning 5th *

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