Names R-Z

Here is our list of English males names letters R to Z, with names like Ryan, Theo and William. Please enjoy:

Rafe Short for Ralph *
Ralph Means counsel wolf **
Randall From Randolf *
Randolph Means shield like a wolf *
Randy Pet forms of Randall or Randolf *
Raphael Means god heals *
Ray English name short for Raymond **
Raymond This name means wise protector **
Reg Pet name for Reginald *
Reggie Pet form of Reg *
Reginald From the name Reginaldus *
Reid Someone with red hair **
Remus Brother of the Roma Romulas *
Renfred Peacemaker *
Rex This name means king *
Reynard Means brave decision *
Rich Pet form of Richard ***
Richard Means powerful and brave ****
Richie Pet form of Richard ***
Ridley Name from various places in England **
Riley Means rye meadow *****

Robert English name means bright or famous fame ****
Robin Pet form of Robert **
Rocky From the name Rocco **
Rod English pet form of the name Rodney and Roderick *
Roderick Means prominent ruler, of Germanic origin **
Rodney Originates from a place name. Made popular by Admiral Lord Rodney. *
Roger English boy’s name meaning famous spear ***
Roland English name meaning famous land ***
Rolf Famous wolf *
Roly Pet form of Roland **
Ronald English/Scottish name from Rognvaldr **
Ronnie Short form of the name Ronald ****
Ross Someone who come from the headland **
Rowan Means little red one *
Rowley From the name Roly *
Roy Nickname of someone with red hair ***
Royle Means rye hill *
Rufus Nickname of someone with red hair *
Rupert Version of the name Robert **
Russ English name short for Russell **
Russell Mean little red person **
Rusty Someone with red hair *
Ryan Origin unknown *****
Samson Biblical name from Shimshon **
Samuel Biblical name from Shemuel *****
Sandford Version of Sanford *
Sandy Pet name of Alexander **
Sanford English place name *
Scott Someone from Scotland ***
Sebastian Man from the place Sebasta *****
Selwyn Origin unknown **
Seymour From placename in Normandy Saint Maur *
Shane from Sean **
Shaun from Sean **
Shawn from Sean *
Sheldon From place names in England *
Shelley Place names in England **
Sidney A man who comes from the land **
Sigmund Means victorious protector *
Sylvester A person from the woods **
Simon English male name from Simeon ****
Sinclair From Saint-Clair in Normandy **
Skipper From the captain of a ship *
Spencer Made famous by the actor Spencer Tracy *
Spike Some male with Spiky hair *
Stacy Orgin unknown **
Stan Pet form of the name Stanley **
Stanley From the place names in England ****
Stephan Variant of Stephen *
Stephen Derived from the Greek name Stephanos **
Sterling High Quality *
Stewart A steward **
Stuart A steward **
Tad Short for Tadhg *
Taylor Name from a person with the occupation of a tailor ****
Ted Pet form of Edward **
Teddy Pet form of Ted *
Terence From the Latin name Terentius **
Terry English boy’s name that means tribe power **
Theo Pet name for Theodore *****
Theobold Means brave people *
Theodore Means god’s gift *
Theo Pet name for Theodore *****
Thomas Thomas is a biblical name and popular in England **
Timothy Means god’s honour ***
Toby English form of Tobias *****
Todd This English name means fox **
Tom Pet form of Thomas ***
Tommy Pet form of Thomas ****
Tony Short version of Anthony **
Travis From someone who collects a tolls **
Tristan Form of Tristram **
Tristram From Celtic legend *
Troy Named after the city Troy *
Truman Means a trustful/loyal man *
Tyler Occupation of someone who tiled the roofs *****
Tyrone From the county in Northen Ireland **
Ulric Means wolf powert *
Urban Means city dweller *
Valentine Means healthy and strong *
Vere Place names in France *
Vergil From the name Virgil *
Vernon Place names in France *
Victor The English names means conqueror **
Vince Short form of Vincent **
Vincent Means conquering *
Virgil from Latin Vergilius *
Waally Pert form of Walter *
Wade A person who lives by a ford *
Waldo Means ruler **
Wallace Means foreigner *
Walter Composed of the elements army ruler **
Ward Guard *
Warren Popular name originating form Normandy *
Warwick From the place near Birmingham in England *
Watkin Also common as a surname *
Wayne A person who made carts **
Webster From a person who weaves **
Wesley Popular from John Wesley the founder of the methodist church *
Wilberforce Name originating from North Yorkshire *
Wilbur Desire and fortress *
Wilfrid Means desire peace *
Will Short form William *****
Willard Means desire and brave ****
William Common Germanic name meaning determined Protection *****
Wilmot Pet form of Will *
Windsor From the place name in England *
Winston Means joy and stone *
Winthrop Winthrop is a place name in England **
Winton Mean enclosed pasture *
Woody Short form of Woodrow *
Zach Short name for Zachary ****
Zachary From the name Zachariah *****
Zeph Short for Zephaniah *

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