The Meaning of the Name Neil

Neil is a strong boy’s name with a lot of meaning and power. The Neil name is from the Gaelic name, Niall. The meaning of Neil means champion. People with the great name of Neil are usually adventurous and like to beat to the sound of their own drum, while making exciting plans for their lives. If they do fail, they keep trying and never give up. These type of people do not take failure lightly which is why the champion meaning really fits them well. It is a very strong and powerful boy’s name that is appropriate as they grow up.

Original Origin of the Name

The name was actually adapted by the Vikings in Ireland but was originally “Njal”. The Vikings brought the name Neil to England where it gained in popularity. In 2013 Neil was not in the top 100 boys names in England.

Neil Armstrong is one of the most famous people out there with this name and is looked up to by many. After he became more popular, the name popularity of Neil has also risen. Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk the moon.

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