Origin and Meaning of Nicholas

Nicholas is a boy’s first┬áname and it can also be a surname as in the case of the famous golfer Jack Nicholas.

Nicholas, is a name that was once much more popular, than in current times. The Nicholas name derives from two Greek words (Nike and laos).

In Greek, the meaning of Nicholas is, Victory of the people. So, it’s a wonder, why more parents aren’t naming their sons Nicholas.


Nicholas was not in the top 100 baby boys’ names in England in 2013.┬áThe popularity of the name Nicholas needs to be increased. The Christmas holiday’s greatest icon is Santa Claus.

Famous People with the Name

Santa Claus’s last name is Nicholas. Hence, the reason we call him old Saint Nick. If the father of Christmas’s name is Nicholas, then that must suggest Nicholas is a wonderful name.

Some famous people named Nicholas have done some amazing things. In more modern times, the author Nicholas Sparks has written many acclaimed novels. One novel in particular, the Notebook, garnered Nicholas Sparks major fame. So, why don’t we increase the use of this once popular name. The next time someone has a son, be sure to recommend the name Nicholas.

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