History of the Name Noah

The name Noah is Hebrew in origin. This name mean rest or comfort. Noah is a Biblical named from the Old Testament. Noah rounded up two spice of every animal on Earth and loaded them onto an ark that he built. After it rained for 40 days Noah and the animals were fine but everyone else was dead.


Noah’s popularity is increasing in England. In 2012 Noah was the 16th most popular name for a boy. This information was obtained from the Office of National Statistics.

People Called Noah

There are many famous people with the name Noah. Noah Whiyle is an actor that played on the popular television series ER. Noah’s popularity increased due to these actors. Noah Baumbach was a famous writer, director, and film maker. He made films such as Mr. Jealousy and Highball. Noah Emmerich is a actor who become famous in the movie Beautiful Girls. He also had roles in The Trueman Show and he on television in the series The American. Noah Hathaway is another famous actor that started in The Never-ending Story and became a teenage heartthrob in Europe. Noah is a great name for a boy. It is unique and has a rich history behind it.

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