Overview of the Name Norris

Many of you would have heard of the name Norris before, however, the popularity of Norris might shock you. I’m saying this in a tongue and check kind of way. The name is actually not very popular. As of 2013, the name didn’t even crack the top 100 in England according the the National Office of Statistics. Out of all the names for guys out there, the name Norris only reached the top 200 names, remaining towards the bottom of the list.

Norris can be both a first name and also a surname. Now let’s look at what the name Norris really means.

Them Meaning of Norris

Norris means “man from the North”. Typically this would be a person from the North of England.

Famous People with the Name

It’s a famous name for boys in the UK. As I mentioned above, it’s a relatively popular name.

  • Some famous people with the name include:
    Norris Cole – a popular character from the TV series Coronation Street.
  • Chuck Norris – the marshal artist and film star.
  • Norris McWhirter – was a TV personality and Co-founder of the ‘Guinness Book of Records

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