The English Name Ollie

Origin and Meaning

The name Ollie has a few different meanings. When picking out a name, you want to know where it comes from and what it means. The name Ollie in German and American means elf army, relic, or ancestral heritage. In Latin countries much like the girls name Olivia, which means olive tree, it means olive which is taken as a symbol of peace, even in our own country’s seal. The French translate it to mean olive tree as well.

Mostly the name Ollie stands for peace and is a good, strong name for a boy. It takes much more strength to be peaceful and keep peace than it does to start a war or cause violence. The name can even be stretched to mean that he is a man of peace and strength with true character. In England the name is typically derived from Oliver, which is again, translated in most languages to mean olive tree. Most cultures consider the name to be good, strong and peaceful.


Ollie is the 76th most popular baby boy’s name in England in 2012 (Office of National Statistics).

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