Orville’s Meaning And History

The name Orville means gold town, and it is a wonderful name that you can use for any boy. It was the name of Orville Wright who help create the aeroplane, and the popularity of Orville has faltered in recent years because it has been seen as an old name for a boy.

The meaning of Orville is great for boys because it shows the boys that they have this beautiful potential in their souls. Calling a boy gold town shows him that he has a heart of gold.

Famous People and Things called Orville

Orville Wright a famous  aviation pioneer
Orville Wright a famous aviation pioneer

The name means gold town, and it gives people a lot of confidence because of how it sounds. You should look back at people like Orville Wright and Orville Reddenbacher who carried this name well.

They created towns of gold of their own, and they can be a source of pride for kids who are named after them. Ensure that you have looked deeper into the name and compared it to the names in your family before your selection.

Our favourite Orville is Orville the Duck. The famous puppet of the English ventriloquist Keith Harris and was famous in the 1980’s.


The child’s name that is chosen should give parents a feeling of vitality, and giving this name to boys could become a family tradition. Orville’s name meaning will remind you the best knights of the land who came from towns of gold.

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