Oscar is a popular boy’s name in Britain and also one of the most prized awards in the film industry.

Meaning of Oscar:

Derived from the Gaelic “os” which means “deer” and “cara” which means “friend,” the name Oscar originated in Irish mythology and means Friend of Deer. The Norse and American meaning is Divine Spear.


Oscar was the 17th most popular boy’s name in England in 2012, according to the latest statistics from the Office of National Statistics. There were 3,289 baby boys given the name Oscar in 2012. The popularity of the name increases each year.

Famous People with the First Name Oscar:

A few celebrities with this name include:

  • Oscar Wilde, an Irish writer
  • Oscar Pistorius, a sprint runner who lost both his legs below the knee when he was a child
  • Oscar de la Renta, an American fashion designer
  • Oscar Peterson, a Canadian jazz pianist/composer
  • Oscar Traynor, Irish commander of the Dublin brigade IRA in the 1920s
  • Oscar I and Oscar II, Swedish kings of Norway and Sweden

“Oscar” is also the nickname given to the awards handed out by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

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