Meaning of the Name Paul

The boy’s name Paul is derived from Latin. The meaning of Paul is, “Small” or “Humble.” St.Paul, who’s story is told in the New Testament; made the name very popular among Christians. Six popes also bear the name. The name Paul did not become popular in England until the 17th century, after the Middle Ages.


Paul is not a very popular name in England. The name was not in the top 100 (in 2012), and continues to decrease in popularity every year in the country. The name is popular in Austria where it is in the top 10; and popular in France where it is in the top 25.

Famous English Men Called Paul

Famous people with the first name Paul include:

  • Paul McCartney- An English musician and singer. He was part of the world famous rock band, the Beatles.
  • Paul Weller- He is a British musician and singer. He started the band The Jam. He went on to have a successful solo career.
  • Paul Gascoigne- He is a former England international footballer. He played midfielder for the Newcastle United football club.

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