Meaning Orign of the Name Perry

The meaning of Perry is “wanderer” or “traveller”. It is a Latin name, and it is used as a surname and a first name. The word that it comes from when used as a surname is believed to be from someone who would work around pear trees.


Perry did not make the 100 most popular baby names list in 2014, and that is what makes it special. It is a classic name that is shared with some famous people, and yet the popularity of Perry isn’t too great. It has a simple and pleasant sound, and it is popular enough that people will know how to pronounce it.

Famous People with the Name Perry

Perry is a charming baby boy name, and it is great because it is not as popular as some English names. Some famous people have had the name Perry, and a champion tennis player, Fred Perry, is one of them. Perry Mason is a legal drama, and it is something great. Katy Perry is an American singer, and Perry Ellis was an American fashion designer.

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