Meaning and Origin of Peter

Peter is a common and widespread name in England and the rest of Britain.

The meaning of Peter is ‘rock’ from the Greek, ‘Petros’ meaning ‘stone’.

A boys name of Greek origin. It is a strong name dating back to Biblical times. Though popularity has been falling in the UK since the nineteen forties it has remained common in other countries, including Hungary, the US and the Netherlands.

Despite having roots in hundreds of other cultures the English form remains the most popular for ‘Peter’ anywhere. In all of its forms ‘Peter’ means the same thing; ‘rock’ or ‘stone’ and suggests a stalwart individual, one not easily swayed by others; a leader.

‘Peter’ is easily matched for middle names as well

How to Pronounce Peter?

Peter is pronounced as ‘pee-tur’.

Variations on the Name

Nicknames include ‘Pete’, ‘Petey’ and ‘Piet’

Famous People

Peter has been the moniker for many famous men throughout the ages. Perhaps one of the best known was the Apostle Peter, but others include Peter Jackson, a director, the singer Peter Cetera and several actors, including Peter Ustinov, Peter O’Toole and Peter Falk.

In literature the name earned its immortality in the form of Peter Pan which has remained a well-known story for over one hundred years, even being made into an animated motion picture by Walt Disney Productions in nineteen fifty-three.

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