Origin and Meaning of Philip

The name Philip has not been popular in many countries since 1950. Well, its time to liven up the name Philip once again.

Philip’s popularity is on a slow and steady rise in most countries. The meaning of Philip is simple “Lover of Horses”. It is of Greek origin. Did you know that from the biblical stand point, one of the Apostles was said to have the first name of Philip.¬†Phil is often used as a pet name for Philip.


Today, we are seeing an increase of people attempting to be creative with baby names. Some of the creativity however, falls short on many levels and therefore a rise in more traditional names. Philip however is not one of those names and it was not in the top 100 boy’s names in England (data from 2012).

Famous People

Here’s a few people in the public eye with the name Philip:

  • Prince Philip – the Prince married to the Queen
  • Philip Green – an English retail entrepreneur
  • Phil Tufnell – was an international cricket player and TV celebrity
  • Phil Mitchell – a character from the popular soap Eastenders.

Names that Complement Philip

When choosing your baby’s name, it should be strong with meaning and provide character for your new little one. Think carefully, make a list of names and middle names, say them out loud and see how they flow. Change the names around. For example; Philip Jacob, Jacob Philip or Philip Allen or Allen Philip, Maybe Philip Michael or Michael Philip. When the names fit well together talk to your significant other, let them help you in choosing the best name.

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