Top English Boys Names in 2015

The Top English Boys’ Names in 2015

If you are looking for name ideas for your little boy, want to know how popular your sons name is or if you are just curious, this list of the top English boys names in 2015 is both interesting and informative.

Out of 341,098 baby boys born in 2015, Oscar was the tenth most popular name, down two places from last year. Given to 3,858 baby boys, the name Oscar originated in Ireland and means “deer lover.”

In 2014, the name William was number ten. As of 2015, William has risen in popularity to ninth. Originating in England, William means “strong-willed warrior.” Perhaps one of the 3,884 boys born last year will join the likes of William Shakespeare, Prince William or of the American music group, the Black Eyed Peas.

Noah, ranking at number eight, is up three places since last year. Meaning “peace” or “rest,” Noah originates from the Hebrew culture. Noah, from the Bible, is known for building an ark, gathering animals two-by-two and saving them, himself and his family from the coming flood. Other famous Noah’s include actors Noah Wiley, Noah Emmerich and Noah Beery, as well as famous correspondent for National Public Radio, Noah Adams.

The top three most popular English names in 2015 (Oliver, Jack and Harry) have not changed from 2014. In fact, 6,565 baby boys were named Oliver in 2015.

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