Meaning and Origin of the Name Quentin

The name Quentin is meant “The fifth”. It comes from the name Quintinus in Latin. Their few characteristics that resemble a boy or a girl (occasionally used), that is given this name. Clever and intelligent are one of this characteristics.

The meaning of Quentin goes back to the Romans. The fifth child of men was called Quintus.


Quentin was not in the top 100 baby boys names in 2016.

Pet Names

This name has many nicknames Quent, Winny, Quinn, and Q.

Famous People Called Quentin

Regarding of the popularity of Quentin, there are many celebrities that have this name.

The Famous Director Quentin Tarantino
The Famous Director Quentin Tarantino

Some are Saint Quentin, Quentin Tarantino (the director of the films “Kill Bill” and “Reservoir Dogs”), Quentin L. Brown (army officers), Quentin Cooper (Science Journalist) and Quentin Blake (Illustrator). There many fictional characters that have this name. Many of the series are well-known: Dark Shadows (Quentin Collins), Paper Towns (Quentin “Q” Jacobsen) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Quentin Travers). In 2005 over 218 millions of babies were named Quentin.

This name has a versatility and flexibility that can be given to any kid. It doesn’t sound too young or too older. With this said, is for any age and would suit the child that has it.

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