Meaning and Origin of Raymond

The Raymond name was borrowed from the French over to English. It is a boy’s name whose origin begins in the Germanic culture where it is pronounced RAY-mund and generally spelled Raimund. The meaning of Raymond is “protecting hands”.

In Old German the Raymond name was a combination of two words: Ragin or Regin which meant “counsel” and -mund which meant “hand” and it was spelled in those variant forms. For example Raginmund and Reginmund.


The popularity of Raymond is ┬ánot within the top 100 baby boys’ names rankings in England in 2013. It is also very popular as a surname. The first finding of it as an English surname was in 1086 as the name Giraldus Reimundus appears in the Doomsday Book, even though this name Reimundus is that of Latin descent.

Famous People Called Raymond

  • Famous People with the name include:
    Raymond Bessone British celebrity hairstylist
    Raymond Briggs English illustrator
    Gary Raymond British actor
    Harry Raymond English footballer

Variations of the Name

There are various forms of the name Raymond and the most common nickname is Ray.

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