Reginald: Strong Older Name

Reginald is a male name and is an popular name amongst the older generation.

The name Reginald is an English name from the Latin Reginaldus which derives from Regina meaning “queen”.

Later the Germans modified it and took Ragin meaning “advice or counsellor” and adding Wald meaning “ruler.” So the more modern meaning of Reginald is “wise ruler”.

Reginald has also been converted to French and other languages, but they all have a similar meaning.

How to Pronounce Reginald?

Reginald pronunciation is “Reg-in-ald”.


The popularity of Reginald has decreased in the past years. It is considered a formal name today.

A lot of people named Reginald now go by Reg or Reggie. It is a strong name, however. As you can see from the meaning of Reginald you might be destining your child to greatness. People tend to form to their names meaning, so your child might end up wise, strong, courageous, and have all the good qualities of a good leader.

Traits of People with the Name

Reginald is a unique name and has a strong powerful feel to it. While it isn’t popular now, who knows when it might come back into style. If you like being ahead of the trend or want a different name for your son, then Reginald is a good option with a lot of history tied to it.

Famous People with the Name Reginald

  • Reginald Scot – was a politician and member of Parliament.
  • Reginald Dyer – was a Colonel in the British army famous for his activities in India.
    Reginald Ballard is an actor.

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