Origin of the Name Rex

The given name Rex has been around since the early middle ages when King Henry II (HENRICUS REX,HENRI REX) ruled. Rex was originally used as surname until the 17th century. Usually, Rex was a variation of Recks or Rics. In the 1600s until 1745, the Kempton family of London used Rex as a first name. Mostly, Rex was used as a middle name. It was based on someone in the family with the surname Rex,like a mother’s maiden name for example. There were also people who wanted to name their son Rex after kings such as George-Rex Warren and Edwardus Rex Hussy. Rex is sometimes short for Reginald,as in Reginald “Rex” Harrison, an actor best known for his roles in My Fair Lady and Dr. Doolittle.

Meaning of Rex

Rex is Latin for King. It means to lead or guide. Rex also means dweller from the rushes.

Popularity of Rex

Rex was most popular during the 1930s, 2506 births. In 2012,Rex was the 450th most popular name in the United Kingdom because of two births in Scotland and 88 births in England and Wales.

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