Meaning and Origin of the Name Ridley

Ridley Scott the Film Producer and Director
Ridley Scott the Film Producer and Director

The boys name Ridley is of English origin, and contains two syllables. The meaning of Ridley is a woodland clearing or from the red meadow.

It is also said to mean reed clearing or cleared land. Film director Ridley Scott is an example of a famous person bearing the name Ridley.

Popularity of the Name Ridley

Popularity: The popularity of Ridley for a boys name has been on the rise. Though it has not broken the top 100 boys names in England. There were sixteen recorded births of boys named Ridley last year in England. It is mainly a boys name with it being used very rarely as a girls name.

Other Facts about the Name

Other fun facts: The name while a somewhat rare first name for males, is a popular surname for many. It is also the name of Ridley, Cheshire, a civil parish in Cheshire. As well as Ridley, Kent, Ridley, Northumberland, and Ridley Road Market located in North East London. There is also a Ridley Township, in Delaware County in Pennsylvania in the United States.

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