Meaning and Origin of the Name Rocky

The name Rocky originates from the name Rocco. Rocco is without a doubt a name with “Italian” origin. The name Rocco is derived from the “Italian” element which means rest.

Rocco is the patron saint of the sick within the Catholic religion.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of the name Rocky has greatly diminished over the years. In 2014, Rocky was not in the top 100 boys names in England.

You will probably not find the name Rocky or Rocco listed a baby book of popular names for boys. At present, the name Rocky is certainly more popular in place such as Italy.

Famous People/Places Called Rocky

Rocky was of course a popular movie which first hit theatres in the summer of 1976. Rocky had several sequels following the 1976 release. In the movie, Rocky portrayed an Italian from South Philadelphia with a dream to become a well recognized fighter.

The original Rocky movie probably became so very popular simply because Rocky did not win the big fight in the movie.

Rocky Marciano was a well known and well experienced fighter. Marciano won several championship fights and became a household name. Several films and documentaries have been produced which portray Rocky Marciano and his life.

The Rocky Mountains refer to the mountain region around Colorado. The setting is quite beautiful and peaceful. The Rocky Mountain region attracts many tourists each and every year.

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