Meaning and Popularity of the Name Rodney

Rodney is anĀ Anglo-Saxon placename in Somerset.

For those parents more curious about the significance and meaning of Rodney as a name, the name can be broken down as far back as “famous island;” the famous part hailing from an old name, Hroda, which has roots linked to the Anglo-Saxon word for “fame.”


Those parents whom are curious as to the relative popularity of Rodney as a boy’s name, may be disappointed to learn that, according to the previous English government survey from 2013, the name falls outside of the top 100 names for male children.

Famous/Fictional People named Rodney

  • George Brydges Rodney was a British naval officer during the American War of Independence and gained a peerage.
  • Rodney Ansell was an Australian individual and inspiration for “Crocodile Dundee.”
  • Rodney Jack is a footballer from the Caribbean.
  • Rodney Marsh is a former footballer and media personality.
  • Rodney McKay is a fictional Canadian scientist from “Stargate Atlantis.”
  • Rodney Stone is the narrator of an eponymous novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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