Overview of the Boy’s Name Roger

  • Meaning: famous spear
  • Popularity: Not in top 100 baby boys’ names in England

What Does the Name Roger Mean?

The Roger name does have a different meaning in most every country. The English meaning of Roger is Famed spear, renowned spearman. During the World War 2 era the name Roger had very positive associations. Military personnel used this name to actually mean “Received and understood.” The name also meant A-ok. The name Roger does indeed have a history.

Introduced to England

After the Norman Conquest of 1066 the name Roger was introduced to England. The popularity of Roger was high. There were nicknames with the Roger name such as Dodge and Hodge.


The name Roger may be an all-time favourite name. In the year 1945 the name was ranked at 22nd position. The popularity has since fallen and in the year 2012 it was rated as ranked at 566th. This name was also very popular during the Middle Ages.

Famous People Called Roger

  • Roger Banister – An English runner who was the 1st person to break the 4 minute mile
  • Roger Moore – An English actor who’s most notable role was James Bond
  • Roger Water – A musician who was the co-founder of the band Pink Floyd

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