Meaning and Origin of the Name Rolf

One of the names that has been utilised for many years in the UK is the name Rolf. Rolf is one of the many options that has used as a name. It is one you may have been curious about.

The meaning of Rolf is a Nordic or Germanic name who’s literal translation is Wolf, or famous wolf. It has been in user for hundreds if not thousands of years. It was actually originally a contraction of the name Rudolph.

Popularity of the Name

Rolf has been a popular name throughout the ages. It has declined in recent years in terms of popularity. It is a name that has been around since the year 911.

Some famous people have been named Rolf people like Rolf Harris, Rolf Dobelli and Ernst Rolf. Popularity of Rolf as a first name has remained fairly consistent throughout the ages.

However, Rolf has not been popular in England for the past 100 years (and it wasn’t in the top 100 baby boys names in England in 2014). It has been declining in popularity. It was used some throughout the centuries however it is unusual in the fact that the name has been used through the centuries both as a first name and a surname.

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