Meaning and Origin of Ronald

The Ronald name is becoming more popular as the years go by. Typically, these older names find their way back around in popularity. In this case, the name Ronald seems to be doing the same.

The meaning of Ronald is powerful and one who rules with counsel.

Variations of the Name

Variations of the name Ronald include, Ron, Ronnie and Ronny.


In England in 2013, the popularity of Ronald was not in the top 100; it was listed as 403th. However, a variation of the name, Ronnie, was ranked 87th in England’s 2013 popularity. So, we can see that this name is becoming more popular again.

Famous People with the Name Ronald

Some parents may decide on the name Ronald for their child because of the nobility in naming them after someone famous or important to their life. Some famous individuals with the name Ronald include: Ronald Colman, Ronald Reagan, Ronald Koeman and Ronald McDonald.

The name of Ronald has a beautiful meaning and would be an excellent choice for a new baby. Also, naming a child after an important figure in life gives the name that much more meaning. In the future years, the name (along with variations of the name) will most likely be ranked higher in popularity, possibly ranking in the top 100 and remain there for years to come.

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