Meaning and Origin of Ronnie

Ronnie can be a male, female and an affectionate pet name. For the pet names, the male form of Ronnie is Ronald and the female form is Veronica. The Ronnie name means mighty counsellor and/or ruler.

Popularity of the Boy’s Name Ronnie

The popularity of Ronnie is not currently very popular in England as a baby’s name and it did not make the top 100 most popular baby names in 2013.

Famous People with the name

Ronnie Barker is part of “The Order Of The British Empire.” Barker is also an English actor, comedian and a writer. He is well known for his roles on multiple British comedy TV series. After trying acting he decided to perform comedy roles. Barker finally retired from acting and decided to open an antique shop.

Ronnie O’Sullivan is a Professional English Snooker Player. He is very well known for his playing style as being “rapid.” Around 17 Ronnie won “The 1993 UK Championship” and became the youngest player in history to win a “professional ranking.”

Ronnie Biggs was a English robber who was well known in the “1963 Great Train Robbery.” Biggs lived for 36 years as a escapee after breaking out of prison in 1965. Biggs returned to the UK in 2001 and spent 7 years in prison. His health declined and he died in 2013.

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