Baby Name Ross

When you pronounce the boys name Ross (It can also be used as a girl’s name but less commonly) it is properly pronounced as ‘Ros’.

The name Ross originated in the Scottish and Gaelic cultures. The meaning of Ross by the Scottish is “headland, cape”. Which is located in Scotland. The Gaelic meaning of Ross is “red”.

Variations in the Name

There are four variations to the name Ross. These include: Rosse, Rossell, Rossiter and Rosston. The name Roscoe is also a popular affiliation.

More creative forms include: Rooss and Royss for boys and Rore and Rori for girls.


As of this year (2017), the baby name popularity of Ross is currently at #805.

Not only is it popular as a boys’ first name, but it is also pretty popular among both adults and baby’s as a last name too.

The first U.S listings of the Ross name was between 1880-1889.

When comparing Ross to its other variables, the only option we are left with is Roscoe. These relations occurred when the Ross name made its appearance from 1880-1889 but is used much less now because of more other widely used names.

Famous People called Ross

  • Ross Kemp, an English actor famous for his hard man roles.
  • Ross Brawn, the formula 1 motor director for both Ferrari and Benetton.
  • Ross Barkley, an English football player famous for playing for the Everton football club.
  • Ross Noble, an English comedian from Newcastle upon Tyne.

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