Popularity and Pronunciation of Rupert

The name Rupert was not on the 100 most popular baby name status list of 2013 in England. However, the masculine name Rupert is increasing in popularity each year. The proper pronoun-citation to the Rupert name is, ROO-part.

Origin of The Name Rupert

The name Rupert was introduced in the 17th century by Prince Rupert of the Rhine. Prince Rupert was a military commander and nephew to Charles 1. Prince Rupert had been the commander of his uncles calvary in the English Civil War.

Rupert comes from the German origin of Robert.

Popularity of Rupert

The Office for National Statistics confirms that the name Rupert continues to advance in popularity. Rising to 213th on the index of boy names during the year 2013.

The meaning of Rupert

Rupert means Bright Fame.

Famous People with the First Name Rupert

The list below shows some of the famous people who have the name Rupert.

  • Rupert the bear – a character in the Express newspapers in the 1920′ now famous in his own rights.
  • English Actor, Rupert Young
  • English Actor that played the roll of Ron Weasley in Harry Potter, Rupert Grint
  • British WWW poet, Rupert Brock
  • Survivor contestant, Rupert Boneham
  • English Actor, Rupert Graves

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