Meaning and Origin of The Name Russell

Russell name is one of the most interesting names in England. It actually originated from the British isles; specifically from the Anglo-Norman nickname ‘rus’. The name ‘rus’ means red. This red is determined by the hair and skin colour of a human being.

To explain the meaning of Russell, we can say that it is significant to note that It means the reddish one or haired one. The pioneers of this name have one thing in common. Both of them either had red skin complexion of they had hair on their bodies.


Russell is among the less common baby names in the world right now. By this I mean very few people children possess the name, Russell. In 2013, the name was not in the top hundred baby names in Britain.


Often people with the name Russell are called Russ for short.

Famous People Called Russell

On the other hand, the popularity of Russell has been seen in quite a good number of great people in the world. Among them incorporates Russell Brand, Russell Crowe as well as Russell Davies; just to mention a few. This name is for the unique people in society; people who originated from the continent of Europe. This is where we find red people; this is where we mostly find hairy people. If you give birth to a child who assumes the mentioned characteristics of being hairy and having red skin, this is the best name to give him.