English Boy’s Name Ryan

The name Ryan means “little king”. If you want your baby boy to be royalty, this is a great name to choose.

Although not common in England in the United States Ryan can also be used as a girl name and it has been used this way since the 1970s.

Popularity of Ryan

The name Ryan is a very popular baby name in many different countries. Ryan is the 43rd most popular name for boys in England in 2012. The name Ryan is very popular in the United Kingdom. In Scotland, it was the most used name for boys in the 90’s. Ryan is still one of the most chosen names for baby boys in Northern Ireland.

Famous People Called Ryan

There are many “little kings” among us today. Ryan Gosling is one of the most famous dramatic actors in America. Ryan Reynolds is also an extremely famous actor for his mix of comic and dramatic acting. Ryan Dunn is also a famous actor who got his start with his friend Bam Margera, making CKY home videos. Ryan Giggs is one of the greatest footballer ever and remained at the top of his game playing in the Premier League for over 20 years.The name Ryan is a great name, and it is a very good choice for any child!