Meaning of the English Name Samuel

Translated from ancient Hebrew the meaning of Samuel can be interpreted as either “name of God” or “God has heard”.

Two books of the Old Testament were named after the Hebrew judge and prophet, Samuel, who appointed Saul then David as the first two kings of Israel. In other books of the Old Testament, Samuel was noted for his devotion to God and the special favour bestowed upon him by God.

Popularity of Samuel

The name Samuel’s popularity arose in Britain during the 16th century with the onset of the Protestant Reformation. From its’ initial ascendancy throughout the 19th century the name held a steady position in the top ten boy names in Britain.

Due to the vicissitudes of trends the popularity of Samuel fluctuated throughout the twentieth century. In 2014, the popularity of Samuel dropped out of the top 100.

Famous people with the name Samuel

  • Samuel L Jackson – the American actor, who earned acclaim for his role in Pulp Fiction.
  • Samuel Johnson – an English writer during the 18th century.
  • Samuel West – an English actor and director born in London who narrated the 1997 BBC documentary – The Nazis: A Warning from History.

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