Origin of the Name Shane

An unusual name but still often heard is the name, Shane. It is primarily masculine and derives from Irish and Hebrew origin. It is the Anglicized version of the name Sean which of course is a cognate of John.

Rarely Shane is used as a feminine given name derived from the Yiddish name Shayna which means “beautiful”. Shane is usually used as a first name.

Meaning of Shane

The meaning of Shane is “God is gracious”, “gift from God” or “God’s gracious gift”. The same meanings hold true for Sean and John as well.

The Name’s Popularity

The popularity of Shane has decreased over the years. The height of the popularity being during the 1970’s. In 2015 it was ranked as 449th in popularity in England and Wales. In 2009, Shane ranked as 235th whereas in 1974 it ranked at 65th.

In the United States, it is ranked at 277th and in Ireland Shane holds a higher ranking at 58th.

The name Shane is still used today mainly in English speaking countries though not as popular as it once way.

Famous People with the Name

Shane Williams
The British Lion, Shane Williams

Famous people called Shane include:

  • Shane Williams – the Welsh and British Lions rugby player.
  • Shane Richie – the London comedian and actor.
  • Shane Filan – the pop singer from the boy band Westlife.
  • Shane West – an actor and punk musician.

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