Origin of the Name Sidney

The meaning of the English name Sidney is “watermeadow” or “wide-island”. In historical times, a watermeadow was an area where farmers would control the irrigation levels to produce more fertile growing terrain.
There are also French variations to the meaning of Sidney. The French meaning is mythological and derives from the Greek god Denis.

Popularity of the Name Sidney

Sidney has been and continues to be a respectably used given name and surname. It wasn’t at the top of list for top popular baby boy names in 2014 (in England). However, the popularity of Sidney is increasing. Sidney is widely used as of late which makes it both a common and unique English baby boy name.

Famous People with the Name

Sidney is also a traditionally aristocratic name. Sir William Sidney’s family was in prominence during the 1500s.

There are also numerous famous individuals that are named Sidney. Sidney James was a famous British comedian and actor. Sidney Poitier is a renowned Bahamian-American actor. George Sidney was a famous American film producer. Sidney Sheldon wrote many Broadway plays and movies.

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