Meaning and Origin of the Name Simon

Simon is a English name that derived from Simeon, Jacob second son in the Bible. The meaning,of Simon is listen and, hear in English. Simon is considered to be Hebrew, but historians have reason to believe it could have originated in Greece. People with the name Simon are describe as people who like the arts.


In recent years Simon has not been a popular name, Simon is the 247th most popular baby name in England and, government records prove that the name was given to a 170 boys in 2012. Simon may not be a popular name at this, but the Brits have many successful Simon’s.

Famous People

Simon Cowell is a entertainment mogul that created (and judge) on the singing/competition shows American Idol, Pop Idol, American Got Talent, Britain Got Talent, and X Factor (U.S and U.K); Cowell is also the owner of Syco a music and television company. Another famous Simon in the music industry is Simon Fuller, Fuller is most famous for his involvement in the hit dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance. Simon Easterby was an Irish international rugby player who played fro the Welsh side the Scarlets. Easterby is now the coach for the Scarlets.

In closing the British have many more famous Simon’s, Simon Le Bon (Singer, Duran Duran) , Simon Harris (Music Producer), Simon Kuper (Writer) are a few.

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