Spencer the Keeper of Provisions

The name Spencer is known, but not common. It can be used for a girl or for a boy. An alternate spelling for the name is: Spenser. There are a number of celebrities with the name Spencer, including Spencer Tracy, actor, Spencer Breslin, actor, and the much-loved character Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds.

The meaning of Spencer is: Keeper of Provisions; steward. It is specifically and English and American name. People are typically drawn to people with the name Spencer, seeing them as nice, dependable people who are good listeners. However, they are also very competitive by nature.


The popularity of Spencer has recently gone up. It is currently ranked at 247th with U.S. birth names. On the most popular baby names list of 2015 it is currently ranked at 96 whereas in 2014 it wasn’t on the list of 100 names.

Traits of People with the Name

People who have this name have been known for their great leadership skills and great independence. They are very business savvy and are made for success. Because of their desire to succeed in business and their competitive nature, they often tend to neglect their personal lives. They are successful in business, but rarely have long-term relationships.

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