Meaning and Origin of the Name Stanley

“Near the rocky meadow” is one meaning of the name Stanley. However the meaning of Stanley can also be interpreted as “stony meadow.” It is though that that the name Stanley has Old English origins. A number of places are also named Stanley, including 4 English towns in Derbyshire, County Durham, Crook, and West Yorkshire. Including England there are a total of 9 countries in the world with at least one city named Stanley.

Popularity of the Name

In England, the name Stanley was rated number 72 on the most popular baby boy’s names list of 2012 according to stats from The Office of National Statistics. The name has 2 syllables created from 7 letters. The correct pronunciation is (Stan-Lee). Stanley began being used as a masculine name in the 11th and 12th century.

Famous People Called Stanley

The name Stanley is shared by many famous people. They include:

  • Stanley Kubrick (the famous American Film Director)
  • Stanley Sadie (British Musicologist)
  • Stanley Baker (Welsh Actor and Film Producer)
  • Stanley Tucci (American Actor, Writer, Film Director, and Film Producer)

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