Meaning and Origin of the Name Taylor

The Taylor name is of English origin. The Taylor meaning refers back to its beginnings as an occupational surname(tailor), much like Thatcher, Farmer, or Shepherd. Transferred as a given(first) name, Taylor’s meaning is cutter of cloth in some translations, and it is fairly common in most English speaking countries. You can find the Taylor name in Wales, Scotland, Australia, Canada, and the United States, to name a few.

Popularity of the Name

As a first name, Taylor’s popularity in England peaked in 2001, when it ranked 64th among names given to baby boys. It still ranks in the top 100, however, landing as the 93rd most popular boys name in 2012.┬áThe name has also caught on as a much used character name on TV shows and in movie theatres.


Famous People Called Taylor

Taylor is considered to be a unisex name, meaning that it is appropriate for a boy or a girl. There are many famous examples of both. Taylor Lautner (movie actor), Taylor Twellman(retired soccer player), and Taylor Hall(professional hockey player) represent some of the men. Taylors Swift and Dayne (both professional singers) are a couple of examples of women with the first name Taylor.

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