History of the Boy’s Name Teddy

Teddy is a nickname for Theodore. Teddy is also the name of the brown, soft and cuddly child’s bear. The toy was developed in Germany and named after President Theodore Roosevelt.
The Teddy name is also a nickname for Edward. The late Senator Edward Kennedy was nicknamed Ted and Teddy. In Anglo-Saxon, Teddy is short for Eduard.

Meaning of Teddy

Teddy means God’s gift or a wealthy guard. The meaning of Teddy is also a wealthy protector. In England, back in the 1950s, Teddy was associated with the phrase Teddy Boy. His trousers were narrow, his jacket was unbound, and the soles of his shoes were chunky. Boys who liked rock n’ roll music and considered rebels back in the 1950’s were also called Teddy Boys. Many of these Teddy Boys were involved in street gangs. Teddy as a nickname for Edward goes back to King Edward VII. He was king of the British Dominions and the United Kingdom from 1901 until his death in 1910.

Popularity of Teddy

There were 698 babies in the UK born with the name Teddy in 2013. In five years the count increased in popularity by 514.

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