According to statistics provided by the Office of National Statistics, the name Theo is the 44th most popular boy’s name in the country of England in the year 2012. In Greek culture many parents name their child Theo to represent God Given birth. The name is also very popular in German culture. In German the meaning of the name is bold people. The name deranges from longer names in English and Dutch culture such as Theodore and Theobold.

It is said that people with the name Theo are in touch with their creative side and are very well at expressing themselves in forms of art. People with this name typically chose careers that involve being in the spotlight and like to remain busy.

Two famous people with the name Theo include Theo Paphitis and Theo Walcott. Theo Paphitis is a British entrepreneur in the retail industry while Theo Walcott plays as a forward for an English football team.

The name Theo is most popular in English cultures. This is a shorter name that can derive from longer names or stand alone. From being bold to God Given, the meaning behind the name Theo is strong and meaningful.