Thomas is an elegant Boy’s name that is widespread throughout England. On this page you will ascertain the origins of the name, its popularity and prominent people called Thomas.

Thomas Meaning and Origin

Thomas is a biblical name which was derived from the name Θωμᾶς. Tom, Thom or Tommy are the pet forms of the name. The Welsh version of Thomas is Tomas.


From the latest government figures, Thomas is one of the most popular name in Britain with it being the 6th most popular baby boy’s name in England and the 9th most popular baby boy’s name in Wales.

Famous People Called Thomas

As you will see from our list of people with the name Thomas, it’s a name that deep in history:

  • Thomas Edison – A famous American inventor who develop the light bulb and the gramophone.
  • Thomas Jefferson – The 3rd president of the United States of America and founder of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Thomas Becket – was the Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Thomas Cromwell – was instrumental in the over throwing of the English Monarchy during the civil war.
  • Thomas Cook – A high street travel agents found throughout the UK.
  • Thomas Watkin – The name of a brewery who specialised in ales.

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