Meaning and Origin of the Name Timothy

The name Timothy is a masculine name that finds its roots in from Greece. The roots of the meaning of Timothy finds itself on the Greek shores as, Timotheos where it means, “honouring God”.

The name Timothy has maintained steady popularity throughout the years, and those who bear the name can often find themselves being called, Tim, Timmy, or Timos for short.

Famous People Called Timothy

Timothy Dalton  played as the famous 007 James Bond
Timothy Dalton play the famous 007 James Bond

The wide use of the popularity of Timothy has led to many notable actions and activities. Such as comedian Tim Allen, British composer Tim Rice, and not forgetting Tiny Tim from the Christmas Carol. Another great Timothy is, Saint Timothy, a Christian Bishop of the first century, credited with two books in highest selling book of all time, The Bible. Even the famous British spy, James Bond was play by a Timothy Dalton.

In addition, Tim is recognisable as a male name only, as it is without female counterpart. Therefore, if you are looking to give your child a name with a long history, and a great mythological definition; then Timothy just may be the answer. To name your child Timothy will definitely honour the Gods, to prove they honoured him.

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