Get the facts about the name Toby:

  • Origin England.
  • Meaning god is good
  • Popularity 71st posting in 2012 in England

Meaning and Origin of the Boy’s Name Toby

The boy’s name Toby is English in origin and is very popular in many English speaking countries. It comes from the Middle English vernacular form of Tobias. While Toby itself is English Tobias is actually Greek and roughly translates to good is Yahweh. Yahweh is a Jewish national god.

The meaning of Toby in the English language is god is good. The Irish also use a contraction of it in the form of Tobin. It is commonly a surname, but is also now used as a forename. Many people that like the name Toby also like names such as Noah and Liam, for boys, and lily and Emma, for girls. Many times people associate the name Toby with someone who is caring, stylish and lovable. Unless the Toby that they know doesn’t like them for any reason. In this case they can be very selfish and arrogant.


Toby has been a popular name for many years. Often ranking in the top 300 baby names in English speaking countries. In England in 2012, Toby was the 71st most popular baby boy’s name. It  has also been popular in the United States and peaked in the 60’s and 70’s and continues to be popular.

Famous People Called Toby

  • Toby Flood the English international rugby player
  • Toby Faletau the Welsh and British Lions rugby player
  • Toby Jones an English actor who’s appeared in the Harry Potter films

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