Meaning and Origin of the Name Tony

Tony is a common Latin boys name. The meaning of Tony originates from the Roman name Anthony. Other variations for the name Tony include, Antonio, Toni, Thonus, Twan, and, Andy.

In Latin, the meaning of tony is “above praise” and in English, “highly praiseworthy,” Other translations of the name Anthony are “priceless” or “of inestimable worth.”

History and Popularity of the Name

The use of the name Anthony, and its variants, have been recorded as an independent name since early medieval times. The spelling of Anthony was associated with a Greek prefix meaning flower during the 17th century.

We started seeing popularity of the name Tony regularly around 1885. Popularity of Tony increased steadily and peaked at around 1963, with about 3,879 babies being given that name in the U.S. At the Time, it was the 51st most popular name in the nation, it now currently ranks at 504th.

Famous People called Tony

Some famous and notable figures bearing the name Tony include: Tony Romo (professional athlete), Tony Danza (actor), Tony Hawk (professional athlete/skateboarder), and Tony Accardo (organized crime).

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