Top English Boy Names 2016

The Most Popular 10 Boys Names

Below you will find some information on some of the Popular English Boys Names in 2016 (ONS data for English boys’ names in 2016):

  1. Oliver
  2. Harry
  3. George
  4. Jack
  5. Jacob
  6. Noah
  7. Charlie
  8. Muhammad
  9. Thomas
  10. Oscar

Background Information

Until this day the most among the Top English Boys Names in 2016 recognised boy name in England is Oliver. This name being the product of the french name Olivier and originating from Spain as the Latin translation for the words olive tree.

William is another popular boys name in the U.K. with a spectacular meaning of desire and protection originating from Germanic descent brought down to England by the Normans. William is the name of many famous Celebrities and average people alike. For example William Shatner From Star Trek as Captain Kirk.

Another name from England as one of the most top popular English boy names among many is Peter. Peter means “Rock” an origin from a Greek name “Petros” meaning stone.

Originating from Hebrew Descent ‘Michael‘ is among one of the top English names also being used quite Frequently for boys in America.

Bill is another caught on male name that’s been a derivative of the boy name William since the early 20th Century. Characteristics of the name are related to things like mystical, wise, eccentric and intuitive.